The patented LEGACLIC  furniture connector was designed as a one-piece glue aid for connecting furniture parts.


The advantages of LEGACLIC  at one glance:


1.     One-piece: The LEGACLIC  furniture connector is one-piece.

2.     LEGACLIC  is metal-free.

3.     Applicable to standard drilling (there does not exist a comparable system yet).

4.     Tension force and self-closing: The special construction generates a contact pressure, which serves as a glue aid for the assembly of furniture parts.

5.     Three-sided construction: LEGACLIC  is always round due to the 3-slot construction, both in compressed and expanded condition, and grips 360° when connecting.

6.     Depth stop and centering: Both are automatically assured by the center ring.

7.     LEGACLIC  drill can also be used exclusively for drilling and milling.

8.     Fast assembly: both for production lines (programmable for robots or special devices) and manually by tapping or pressing in.

9.     Clamps and frame presses are no longer necessary in most cases.

10.   Saving time during assembly: possible due to pre-assembly (also by machine) on the front side. LEGACLIC  is already firmly anchored during pre-assembly. All it still needs is a little glue and the connector to click in.

11.   Regarding prefabricated furniture parts: a subsequent processing can be carried out faster and less complicated.

12.   LEGACLIC  is also suitable for the connection of small elements such as rungs, narrow furniture parts, drawers of any width, etc.

13.   Transport advantage: compression of the volume is possible.

14.   Cost-effective retrofitting: replacement of the milling cutters and purchase of the functional dowel.

15.   Application possibilities: applicable from panel thickness of 16 mm.

16.   Application: for suppliers of prefabricated furniture parts (the disassembled transport saves volume), for the connection of furniture parts like carcases, rungs, drawers,… (generally in industry, in medium-sized companies and in trade).

17.   Further application areas: also suitable for the DIY market, i.e. for supplier for DIY stores.

18.   Available as LEGACLIC ONE  and LEGACLIC DOUBLE.